Management & Staff

Board of Directors Leadership


Anton Berlin
Director of Marketing
  MMC Norilsk Nickel (Nornickel)

Vice Chairperson

Scott Yarrow
Vice President, Sustainability, Nickel
  Glencore International AG

Nickel Institute Leadership

David Butler  President

Nickel Institute Management Committee

Dr. Hudson Bates  Executive Director & Toxicologist 
David Butler  President
Clare Richardson
Director, Communications & Member Services
Richard Matheson
Director, Market Development
Gerry Schuetz  Chief Financial Officer
Dr. Veronique Steukers  
Director, Health & Environment Public Policy 

Market Development

Richard Matheson
Director, Market Development (Brisbane, Australia) 
Parul Chhabra  Market Development Analyst (Brussels, Belgium)
Gary Coates  Manager Market Development & Technical (Toronto, Canada) 
Aleasha McCarthy
Executive Assistance (Brisbane, Australia)
Geir Moe
Global Technical Inquiry Service Coordinator (Toronto, Canada)
Juerg Schweizer
Manager, Market Development South East Asia (Singapore)

Health & Environment Public Policy

Dr. Veronique Steukers  Director, Health & Environment Public Policy (Brussels, Belgium) 
David Chen
Manager, Public Policy, China (Beijing, China)
Pablo Rodriguez Dominguez  Regulatory Affairs Specialist (Brussels, Belgium) 
Claude Frieh  Public Policy Coordinator (Brussels, Belgium) 
Kai-Sebastian Melzer
Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs (Brussels, Belgium)
Dr. Mark Mistry  Senior Manager, Public Policy (Brussels, Belgium) 
Christian Richter  Principal, US Public Policy (Washington DC, USA) 
Marco Vallini  Manager, Public Policy (Brussels, Belgium) 
Steven Verpaele
Industrial Hygienist (Brussels, Belgium)

Science (NiPERA)

Dr. Hudson Bates  Executive Director & Toxicologist (Durham, NC, USA) 
Dr. Samuel Buxton  Human Health Toxicologist (Durham, NC, USA) 
Dr. Kate Heim  Senior Human Health Toxicologist (Durham, NC, USA) 
Dr. Tara Lyons-Darden  Human Health Toxicologist (Durham, NC, USA) 
Dr. Adriana Oller  Senior Human Health Toxicologiest, Deputy Executive Director of NiPERA (Durham, NC, USA) 
Dr. Emily Garman  Environmental Toxicologist (Durham, NC, USA) 
Dr. Chris Schlekat  Senior Environmental Toxicologist (Durham, NC, USA) 
Dr. Mike Taylor Human Health Toxicologist (Durham, NC, USA) 

Communications & Member Services

Clare Richardson  Director, Communications 
Inge Bleus  Member Services & Executive Assistance (Brussels, Belgium) 
Isaline De Baré
Communications Specialist (Brussels, Belgium)

Shared Services

Gerry Schuetz
Chief Financial Officer (Durham, NC, USA)
Georgia Curtis  Human Resources Manager (Toronto, Canada) 
Connie Lawson
Operations Support Specialist (Durham, NC, USA)
Phil Moore
IT Manager/Senior Systems Engineer (Durham, NC, USA)
Jeroen Vanhecke
Manager, Shared Services (Brussels, Belgium)
Christina Yates  Accounting Specialist (Durham, NC, USA) 


Philip Song
Managing Director China (Beijing, China) 
David Chen
Manager, Public Policy China (Beijing, China)
Christine Li 

Communications & Executive Assistance (Beijing, China) 



Shinji Esaki
Manager, Japan (Tokyo, Japan) 
Emiko Tomi Hiraoki
Executive Assistance & Communications (Tokyo, Japan) 

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