Thames Barrier

Maintained with Superduplex

B.A. McKean - December 30, 2009

Thames Barrier

In 1953, 307 people died in flooding along the North Sea coast of the United Kingdom, a coast that includes the Thames River and London. The Thames Barrier was part of the response to the flood threat from high tides and storm surges. It is an important piece of civil infrastructure and when an emerging corrosion issue needed to be addressed, a nickel-containing (7%) superduplex stainless steel (UNS S32760) was the material of choice.

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Volume 32-2: Nickel on the move

From bicycles to rockets

August 09, 2017


Feature Story:
It is actually rocket science
Given successful test experiences to date, it is abundantly clear that 3D printing and nickel-containing alloys will be critical to the future of U.S. space travel for decades to come.