Nickel Magazine

Volume 25-1: Green Scrap: Making New Stainless Steel

June 30, 2010


In Focus

Waste Drums

World of Chemicals

Chemicals are central to our lives. Industries profit from their manufacture and use. Consumers benefit from products that contain materials derived from chemicals or that contain the chemicals themselves.

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In Brief

China Workshop

Workshops in China

Later this year two very popular Nickel Institute workshops will be hosted by the Nickel Institute Beijing office in China.

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In Use


Metal Muscles

Researchers at North Carolina State University are using nickel-titanium shape memory alloys to create a new generation of remote-control flyers

Champagne Bar

Champagne Bar

Brushed nickel sheet brings elegance and warmth to the "Champagne Bar" in London’s Westfield shopping district

Stainless Dome

Stainless Steel Domes

Twin domes made of nickel-containing stainless steel the place to meet at the Vancouver Olympics

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In Science

Fuel Cell

Fuel Cells

A work in progress



How the nickel industry can contribute to the regulatory review process

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Knowing Nickel

Nickel (II) Hydroxide

Nickel (II) Hydroxide

Ni(OH)2 - enabling essential battery technologies

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Current Issue

Volume 32-2: Nickel on the move

From bicycles to rockets

August 09, 2017


Feature Story:
It is actually rocket science
Given successful test experiences to date, it is abundantly clear that 3D printing and nickel-containing alloys will be critical to the future of U.S. space travel for decades to come.