Fuel Cells

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Gary E. Coates - June 01, 2010

Fuel Cell

Fuel cells have long attracted interest because of their low impact on the environment and potential for energy efficiency. Unfortunately, technical problems and high costs have prevented this potential from being realized. Some of the costs are directly related to the traditional use of platinum as a catalyst. Over the past decade, researchers and entrepreneurs have brought down costs considerably and increased the reliability of fuel cells. The use of nickel both as a metal and an oxide has been an important part of these efforts.

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Volume 32-2: Nickel on the move

From bicycles to rockets

August 09, 2017


Feature Story:
It is actually rocket science
Given successful test experiences to date, it is abundantly clear that 3D printing and nickel-containing alloys will be critical to the future of U.S. space travel for decades to come.

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