Stainless Steel Couplings

A crucial component in piping systems

Carol Powell - November 01, 2012

Stainless Steel Couplings

Piping systems play a crucial role in many industries: transporting water, sea water, chemicals, petrochemicals and gases (including air) at various pressures and temperatures. Pipe materials range from carbon steels and cast iron, concrete and asbestos cement, and various polymers and composites, to stainless and copper alloys as well as other high-alloy groups. Pipe diameters can vary from a few millimetres to more than 4 metres.

Whatever the pipe material, the joining method plays a crucial role in anticipating the lifespan of a piping system. If the wrong method is used, leakage may occur at some stage in the service life. The downtime involved in locating a leak and repairing it can be costly.

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