Earning its keep

Improved products and extended machine life with stainless steel

Luke Bamford & Bruce McKean - October 01, 2013

Everything used in the construction of food processing machinery must be justified in terms of commercial advantage as industrial designers constantly assess the costs and benefits of their choice of materials. And nickel-containing stainless steel is no exception. While it offers excellent advantages, and for some applications, nothing else is acceptable, in other cases there may be options that appear less expensive in terms of material cost and fabrication. However, the continuing dominance of stainless steel in food processing is explained by the value it brings.

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Improving lives

Nickel in healthcare

December 19, 2017


Feature Story:
Nickel alloys helping hearts beat stronger
With an aging population, demand is stronger than ever for pacemakers and defibrillators. With increased usage of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), it is important that permanent implants are made from non-magnetic materials, such as UNS R 30035.