Nickel Dependence: Electronics

December 08, 2015

Smart phone

The image of a world without electronics may very occasionally seem attractive. But reality and practicality dictate otherwise. Electronics in all forms are essential to modern life just as nickel in its various forms is essential to electronics.

Nickel in chemical or alloy form is an essential element in batteries (Li-ion, Ni metal hydride, Ni-Cd). It makes lead-free solder possible while also providing shielding from emissions or, conversely, preventing external electromagnetic interference. Coatings—many containing nickel—make every swipe or pressure-sensitive touch possible. This kind of nickel dependence is both essential and positive.

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Volume 32-2: Nickel on the move

From bicycles to rockets

August 09, 2017


Feature Story:
It is actually rocket science
Given successful test experiences to date, it is abundantly clear that 3D printing and nickel-containing alloys will be critical to the future of U.S. space travel for decades to come.