American Standards for Testing of Materials (ASTM)

ASTM General Standards for Stainless Steel
A 167 Specification for stainless steel and heat-resisting chromium-nickel steel plate, sheet, and strip (This specification is often referenced on older drawings. It is no longer the appropriate specification to reference and should be replaced with A 240 and, in many cases, A 480 should also be referenced.)
A 240 Specification for heat-resisting chromium and chromium-nickel stainless steel plate, sheet, and strip for pressure vessels (This is the most widely used specification for stainless steel plate, sheet, and strip, no matter what the end-use application. It covers chemistry and minimum strength requirements for common stainless steel in the annealed condition. A 480 should also be referenced for some applications.)
 A 270 Specification for Seamless and Welded Austenitic Stainless Steel Sanitary tubing. This specification was developed because of the finish requirements in the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. It is the only specification that describes tube finishes and the finish requirements could be applied to pipe as well. Alternatively, suppliers could be asked to match sheet and strip finishes in ASTM A 480.
A 480 General requirements for flat-rolled stainless and heat-resisting steel plate, sheet, and strip (describes surface finishes for sheet, strip, plate; defines edge conditions; provides dimensional and flatness tolerances; describes shipping requirements; and requirements for heat treatment, test specimens, test methods)
A 478 Chromium-Nickel Stainless Steel Weaving and Knitting Wire (composition and mechanical requirements of common types of stainless steel wire intended for weaving and knitting)
A 793 Standard specification for rolled floor plate, stainless steel
A 947M Standard specification for textured stainless steel sheet
B 506 Copper-clad stainless steel sheet/strip in flat lengths/coils/rolls for building construction

ASTM Cleaning and Passivation
A 380 Standard Specification for Cleaning, Descaling and Passivation of Stainless Steel Parts, Equipment and Systems – This covers the treatments required to restore the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel after welding, hot forming, and heat treatment. It also covers inspection after cleaning and tests for free iron, residual oil and other surface contaminants.
A 967

Standard Specification for Chemical Passivation for Stainless Steel Parts – This specification includes methods for testing for and removing free iron and other foreign matter from the surface that can prevent the formation of a protective passive film on the stainless steel. These treatments do not remove heat tint from welding.

ASTM Fasteners and Other Structural Applications
(Please note there is no ASTM standard for stainless steel washers and they must be ordered to the raw material standard A240.)
A 193/
A 193M
Alloy-steel and stainless steel bolting materials for high temperature or high pressure service and other special purpose applications
A 194/
A 194M
Carbon and alloy steel nuts for bolts for high pressure or high temperature service or both (includes stainless steel)
A 262 Austenitic stainless steel susceptibility to intergranular attack under structural analysis
A 276 Specification for stainless and heat-resisting steel bars and shapes (This covers the chemistry and mechanical property requirements for hot and cold finished rounds, squares, hexagons, angles, tees, channels and other shapes used for structural applications. ASTM A484 may also need to be specified.)
A 484/
A 484M
General Requirements for Stainless Steel Bars, Billets, and Forgings (This provides dimensional tolerance, straightness, and finish descriptions for hot or cold finished bar, squares, angles, channels, tees and other shapes. The finish descriptions are very general. More precise descriptions of finish options should be obtained from the supplier. )
A 554 Standard specification for welded stainless steel (austenitic 300 - series including 304 and 316) and ferritic 400-series) mechanical tubing (round, square, and rectangular tubing for structural applications) Note: Duplex stainless steels could be ordered to these requirements but are covered by the duplex standards A 789.
A 555/
A 555M
General Requirements for Stainless Steel Wire and Wire Rods (terminology and dimensional tolerance requirements).
A 666 Austenitic stainless steel sheet/strip/plate/flat bar (for structural/architectural/pressure vessel/magnetic/ cryogenic/heat resisting applications) This standard defines the additional strength levels that should be expected when should only be used when additional cold work is required to achieve higher strength levels. The general material standards for these products are A 240 and A 480.
A 774/
A 774M
Austenitic stainless steel fittings (as-welded) for general corrosive service at low/moderate temperatures.
A 789/
A 789M
Duplex tube, seamless/welded. Note: This is for pressure rated tubing. For purely structural applications see A554.
A 951/
A 951M
Standard specification for steel wire for masonry joint reinforcement (This includes stainless steel wire for this application.)
A 955/
A 955M
Stainless steel bars for concrete reinforcement
C 1242 Standard guide for design, selection, and installation of exterior dimension stone anchors and anchoring systems (This says that metal in contact with stone should be a 300 series stainless, but other materials can be used if properly protected against moisture and galvanic corrosion. Copper and stainless steel wire are used for wire ties.)
F 593 Stainless steel specification for bolts/hex cap screws/studs
F 594 Specification for stainless steel nuts
F 738M Stainless steel specification for bolts/screws/studs, metric
F 836-a Specification for stainless steel metric nuts
F 837/
F 837M
Specification for stainless steel socket head cap screws
F 879/
F 879M
Specification for stainless steel metric socket button and flat countersink head cap screws
F 880/
F 880M
Specification for stainless steel socket set screws

Other Notable ASTM Standards
E 108 Fire tests of roof coverings
E 119 Fire tests of building construction and materials
E 152 Fire testing of door assemblies
E 283 Roof static air infiltration test
E 330 Structural performance of exterior windows/curtain walls/doors by uniform static air pressure difference
E 331 Test method for water penetration of exterior windows, curtain walls, and doors by uniform static air pressure difference
E 529 Flexural tests of beams and girders for building construction
E 754 Test method for pullout resistance of ties and anchors embedded in masonry mortar joints
E 894 Test method for anchorage of permanent metal railing systems and rails for buildings
E 935 Test methods for performance of permanent metal railing systems and rails for buildings
E 985 Specification for permanent metal railing systems and rails for buildings
E 1233 Structural performance of exterior windows/curtain walls/doors by cyclic static air pressure differential
E 1592 Test method for structural performance of sheet metal roof and siding systems by uniform static air pressure difference
F 1072 Specification for expanded metal doors
F 1299 Specification for food service equipment hoods for cooking appliances