Life Cycle Data

The provision of sound, reliable, and most recent life cycle inventory data are for the nickel industry and its value chains of great importance. Updated data ensure that e.g. changes in mining and processing technologies or processed nickel ores and concentrates as well as changes in the nickel ore deposits are taken into consideration. Such data are used to e.g. compile Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs) or to prepare Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).

A first set of life cycle data for nickel and ferronickel and nickel compounds was compiled in 2000. These data are now outdated, given the changes in the nickel industry in the past decade regarding technology, raw materials and ore deposits. The member companies of the Nickel Institute therefore decided in 2012 to update the life cycle inventory data for its main products; i.e. nickel metal (class. 1) and ferronickel.

A new set of life cycle data for both those nickel products is available. An executive summary of the LCI Update for Nickel and Ferronickel as well as a Q&A document addressing the most recent questions is shown in the following sections.

The full report is made available upon request. Please contact