LCC Benefits of Constructing an FGD System with Selected Stainless Steels and Nickel-Base Alloys (12001)

Report published by PEI Associates, Inc. for the Nickel Development Institute and the American Iron and Steel Institute, 1987. Life-cycle cost analyses of the use of stainless steels and corrosion-resistant alloys were compared with those of nonmetallic lined-carbon steel in the construction of flue gas desulphurization system scrubbers. It was found that the life-cycle cost of the corrosion-resistant alloys are often substantially less than the costs for nonmetallic-lined steel. The benefits of using better materials of construction are improved reliability and reduced downtime; even a minor improvement in these areas can add substantially to the life-cycle cost savings. Additional savings can be achieved by selecting materials for individual components in order to match the operating environment of the component with the characteristics of the materials. Extensive field experience confirms the favourable conclusions of the cost analyses.

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