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A Report on the Field Corrosion Resistance Test on Stainless Steel Piping for Building Service (12012)

As a replacement for copper pipes, progress has been made in the development of stainless steel pipes and joint systems.  Stainless steel pipe has come into wide use in building piping systems, especially for hot-water service.

From an early date, the Japan Stainless Steel Association organized committees to investigate the corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipes with respect to city water, to develop standards, and to study construction methods, since a basic supply of uncontaminated drinking water is essential to health.  Hence the association conducted hot water dipping corrosion tests on stainless steel pipes, made basic corrosion studies and confirmed hygienic safety through an analysis of the elution ions.

Indoor piping systems for buildings may use a variety of pipes, joints, valve welding, dissimilar joints, antisweating, and temperature maintenance; hence the results of basic laboratory research are insufficient for a comprehensive evaluation of indoor piping.  Thus indoor piping corrosion field tests were planned to obtain information about on-site operation while studying corrosion resistance in conditions of actual use by installing stainless steel test pipes in existing piping systems in buildings.

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