Elevated Temperature Service

Nickel Alloys and Stainless Steels for Elevated Temperature Service: Weldability Considerations (14053)

By D. J. Tillack, reprinted from Proceedings from Materials Solutiuons '97 on Joining and Repair of Gas Turbine Components ASM International, September 1997, Indianapolis, IN. The gas turbine is one of the most demanding applications for materials, particularly the hot sections of the turbine. The welds that join the various components of the turbine must withstand the same high pressures and temperature. Complicating this requirement is the fact that gas turbine materials can be metallurgically complex and can be a challenge to weld. The actual welding of these materials is not particularly difficult as long as established guidelines are followed, but microfissuring and strain-age cracking can be a problem. By being aware of the role of residental elements and the effect of stress on the weld area, many of these materials can be welded successfully.

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