Welding Consumables

Versatility of High-Alloyed Ni-Cr-Mo Welding Consumables (14011)

By Dr. Norman Stephenson, reprinted from Welding and Metal Fabrication, Vol. 58 (7 8), 1990. In addition to their use in joining essentially matching wrought alloys, several highly-alloyed Ni-Cr-Mo welding consumables have been adopted and modified for welding operations on other materials and for the production and welding of composites. This article looks at the composition and properties of the consumables and their applications in the naval and marine, oil and gas, power, pollution control, desalination, chemical, refinery, petrochemical, process, cryogenics and surfacing industries . Welding processes and techniques suitable for these consumables for various applications are briefly reviewed. Relevant welding metallurgy is examined, and possible areas of development are discussed.

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