Applications of Centrifugally-Cast Alloy Piping and Pipe Fittings in Onshore and Off-shore Oil and Gas Production (10034)

By G.L. Swales, presented at the 28th Annual Conference of Metallurgists of the Canadian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Meeting of Sea and Science, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Aug 20-24, 1989. Petrochemical and oil refining companies have for many years been extensive users of centrifugally-cast alloy pipe and tube while oil and gas production sectors had made little use of them. But centricast heavy-wall alloy tubes and pipes have been used to considerable economic benefit for onshore flowlines, stainless subsea manifolds in duplex stainless steel, Christmas tree flow loops in martensitic stainless steel, and topside production and test manifolds in medium nickel alloys. An important development is production of internally-clad steel pipe using centrifugal casting techniques-cast carbon steel pipe with internal cladding of UNS N 10276, S 31603, N 08825 and N 06625 nickel-containing alloys.

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