Cleanability in Relation to Bacterial Retention on Unused and Abraded Domestic Sink Materials (10046)

By Dr. John T. Holah R.H. Thorpe, reprinted from The Journal of Applied Bacteriology, Aug 1990. The relative cleanability of stainless steel, enamelled steel, mineral resin and polycarbonate domestic sink materials was assessed by comparing the number of organisms remaining on surfaces after cleaning. In unused condition all materials, other than one enamelled steel, were equally cleanable. Stainless steel, abraded artificially or impact damaged to a similar degree as stainless steel subjected to domestic wear, retained approximately one log order less bacteria after cleaning than the other materials subjected to the same treatments. Materials that resist surface changes -- stainless steel -- will remain more hygienic when subjected to natural wear than materials that become more readily damaged, the report states.

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