Development of Abrasion-Resistant, Nickel-Containing Alloy White Irons of High Hardness (10038)

By Dr. Gordon J. Cox, reprinted from American Foundrymen's Society Transactions 1989. It is suggested that the development and use of the nickel-chromium Ni-Hard irons has been neglected in recent years in favor of high-chromium irons mainly because the latter have been made with a high hardness and better fracture resistance. New work is outlined in which it has been shown that both Ni-Hard 1 and 4 can be produced with high hardness values of at least 700 Brinell and an associated excellent abrasion resistance. Both general classes of these abrasion-resistant white irons have their best respective fields of application, but it is suggested that the benefits obtained from using nickel-bearing irons need now be reassessed.

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