Development of Mechanized Field Girth Welding of High-Alloy Corrosion-Resistant Pipeline Materials (10061)

Summary of group sponsored research, by R.E. Avery and C.M. Schillmoller, 1991. For pipelines transporting petroleum products the selection of corrosion-resistant alloys is frequently justified in areas where severe corrosion is encountered. Successful welding of duplex stainless steels and alloy-clad steels requires more care than conventional carbon steels in procedures development, operator training and quality control. The economics of using corrosion-resistant alloys can be affected by the rate of welding, inspection and pipe laydown, particularly under difficult conditions. Welding speed and efficiency can be increased using computer-controlled, automated girth welding. Many improvements have been made in weld joint preparation, as well as a better root contour.

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