Procurement of Quality Stainless Steel Castings (10021)

By Arthur H. Tuthill, reprinted from Tappi Journal, Sep 1988. Quality stainless steel castings are readily available from foundries in the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan and elsewhere, provided the quality required is defined and specified in the procurement documents. The low-carbon grades 0.03 per cent maximum are preferred. If the low-carbon grade is not listed in the specification, a 0.03C maximum can be specified as an exception. Price is always a major consideration. The substantial reductions in maintenance, replacement, down-time, and life-cycle costs, which normally follow from specifying the most appropriate composition, micro-structure, and quality, need to be weighed against the extra cost of the higher quality obtained. Weld repair of minor defects found after solution annealing can normally be done without reducing the corrosion resistance of the alloy, provided that the alloy is one of the low-carbon grades.

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