Welding and Fabrication of Nickel Alloys in FGD Systems (10027)

By Richard E. Avery and W.H.D. Plant, presented at Air Pollution Seminar, Buffalo, NY, U.S.A., Oct 1987. Introduced is the range of nickel alloys commonly employed in the fabrication of flue gas desulphurization equipment with the reference to the suitability of the various grades to withstand conditions experienced in service. Emphasis is placed upon the specification of grades and chemistry to meet requirements of performance in acid-chloride solutions with low pH levels. Use of nickel alloys in new construction practices, and the ease of modification of repair, are described. Alloy weldability is discussed in conjunction with application of welding and quality assurance procedures. Fabrication, using to advantage the strength and welding characteristic of the alloys, cost-effective design assembly, and utilization of clad or lined steel substrates are also covered.

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