Nickel compounds the inside story...

The Nickel Institute has published a new publication– Nickel compounds, the inside story…, a free 16-page comprehensive guide to nickel compounds written for non-specialists  by industry experts.

Most people do not realise the importance of nickel compounds in the functioning of everyday products like cars and electronics. This publication explains in simple terms what nickel compounds are, where they are used, why they are so widely used, their properties and why nickel is an essential material used in or supportive of virtually all technologies.

Nickel Compounds, the inside story... shows how nickel compounds are essential to a wide range of industrial sectors including transport, aerospace, marine and architectural applications and for the manufacture of many consumer goods.

Nickel compounds, the inside story… reveals the crucial contribution of nickel compounds in the value chain and why nickel has a key role to play in society now and for a long time to come.