Nickel: Making Your Life Better

How can a metal make your life better?

Can one metal enable you to:

  • Live a healthier life?
  • Travel more safely?
  • Communicate by phone while you are on the go?
  • Use fossil fuels more efficiently?
  • Create less waste?
  • Live in clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing cities?
  • And use the Earth’s resource more wisely?

Well, when you consider that one metal – nickel – has such a wide range of unique properties that enable it, when combined with other metals, to create hundreds of alloys that are totally recyleable, you soon realize that one metal is already making your life better.

This brochure illustrates just a few of the common every-day things you probably take for granted. All of the examples illustrated here use nickel-containing materials. The Nickel Institute, which represents the interests of nickel producers worldwide, hope, that by bringing these to your attention that you will come to realize just how important nickel is to a modern, healthy, more sustainable lifestyle.