The Nickel Advantage

With nickel you get...

...a wide range of versatile stainless steels in different families: the austenitic 300 and 200 series, duplex, PH grades

...stainless steels with proven reliability in tens of thousands of applications

...stainless steels combining resistance to corrosion, a wide range of mechanical from cryogenic to elevated temperatures and ease of fabrication

...stainless steels for hygienic equipment in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industry, which can be cleaned with aggressive chemicals and ensure product purity

...stainless steels of the 18/8, 18/10 or 18/12 type associated with high quality in consumer goods

...stainless steels that meet the need for extreme formability

...stainless steels with very good weldability over a wide range of thicknesses

...stainless steels that are widely available in numerous product forms and sizes

...stainless steels that come in a wide variety of surface finishes and even colours for impressive results

...stainless steels that can have low magnetic permeability necessary for electronic applications and even medical implants

...stainless steels that provide long-lasting value and at end of use they have a high intrinsic value as scrap

In this publication, you will find out how nickel contributes to these properties

...a wide range of other nickel alloys with valuable engineering properties and uses:

  • nickel alloys for resistance to extreme corrosion and high temperature requirements
  • copper-nickel alloys for anti-fouling resistance
  • nickel-titanium alloys for shape memory
  • iron-nickel alloys for low thermal expansion
  • nickel plating
  • nickel catalysts

Together, the above attributes mean that with nickel you get a highly versatile material

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