Electricity Generation from Fossil Fuels

Coal, oil and natural gas are globally still the most important fuels for electricity generation.  In most power stations, the fuel is used to produce steam which then drives a turbine.  Nickel-containing materials are frequently selected for their corrosion and heat resistance in order to increase durability in demanding situations in the boiler and heat exchangers.  Steam temperatures and pressures are continually being increased because this improves the overall thermodynamic efficiency of the process as well as reducing CO2 emissions.  This requires the use of more creep resistant materials in the turbines.  Finally, the flue gas may require treatment to reduce pollution: nickel-containing materials may be needed to resist the aggressive conditions in electrostatic dust precipitators and flue gas desulphurisation (FGD) units.

There is increasing use of gas turbines for local electricity generation, including combined heat and power (CHP) installations.  The materials requirements are similar to those discussed in the Transportation section.  On an even smaller scale, micro-generation, for example, using Stirling cycle engines will use heat resisting stainless steels and nickel alloys.

Nickel-containing materials will also be needed in many “clean coal” technologies, including coal gasification, and carbon capture and storage (CCS) schemes – all aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

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Technical Literature

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